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"Where Winning Traditions Continue"

Blue Ribbon Custom Tack® is a custom manufacturer of the finest quality western saddles and accessories. Established by the Habighorst family in 1973, Blue Ribbon Custom Tack® is located in Phoenix, Arizona and specializes in building western saddles designed by horsemen, for horsemen. Blue Ribbon stands for beauty, quality, durability and expert design. We combine traditional, old-world craftsmanship with unique customization and selection to offer you the finest custom tack available. All of the Blue Ribbon western saddles are manufactured in our store in Phoenix by dedicated craftsmen and your order is personally handled by the owners. We realize how hard you’ve worked to become a champion. When it comes to your saddle, bridles and more, you deserve an extra edge. You deserve the personalized service and professional craftmanship found only at Blue Ribbon Custom Tack®. Visit us today and see why our customers keep coming back.

  • I have chosen to ride and show in Blue Ribbon saddles for the past 15 years. They are a useful tool in my business, from training at home to the show pen. I feel the craftsmanship and beauty of a Blue Ribbon is second to none. I particularly like the Dowdy seat, which assists in keeping my clients in the perfect position and increases the effectiveness of both leg and seat cues.
    Tonya Brown
  • Sawtelle Family
    Thank you Rita for all your help. We didn't place a large order, but Rita was extremely helpful and follow-up was awesome.
    Sawtelle Family
    Sawtelle Family Farms Quarter Horses
  • I have been riding with Blue Ribbon saddles for the last 25 years. Their quality and craftsmanship is unequaled. When customers join our program and ride in our saddles, they always find themselves wanting to make the switch to a Blue Ribbon
    Rusty Green
  • Mike Allison
    Hey y'all we got our saddle today and it looks great!! It's a piece of art!! Thanks!
    Mike Allison
  • Kelly Marks Getchell
    Great service, great staff and great saddles!!
    Kelly Marks Getchell
  • Karen Oberman
    I received the saddle today and we are very pleased with it. Thanks so much for the great customer service and shipping. I will definitely be a repeat customer. You produce beautiful, quality tack. The packing job was excellent. Thanks for your care in making my first Blue Ribbon Saddle purchase so amazing.
    Karen Oberman
  • Julie Bennett
    I have had my Blue Ribbon Saddle for years... they are the nicest people and know their business... wouldn't buy any other saddle working or show!!!!
    Julie Bennett
  • Blue Ribbon is our saddle of choice for the Western All-Around events. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. We feel that Blue Ribbon saddles give our clients a competitive edge in all events, including horsemanship. We thank Vern and Rita and everyone at Blue Ribbon for their support of our program.
    John Briggs
  • Joe Brainard
    Fantastic company and amazing people. I approached them about making a custom leather piece for me that they've never done. Without hesitation Blue Ribbon said absolutely, and they came out perfect! I couldn't be more pleased with the service and quality of their work!
    Joe Brainard
  • I have been riding in a Blue Ribbon saddle since the early 90's. I love the way they sit me and the comfort of the seat. The way the fenders are cut allows me to use my legs better than in most saddles. Blue Ribbon's saddles are in a league of their own when it comes to craftsmanship in the tooling and quality in the silver work. You can pick out a Blue Ribbon saddle a mile away. We love Blue Ribbon!
    Jason Martin
  • Hubertus Jagfeld
    The Blue Ribbon saddles are the best quality you can find. As a trainer it gives you the best results because your horse will be able to use his back and be free in his shoulders. They are the best riding saddles available.
    Hubertus Jagfeld
  • Emiely Bingel
    I want to say Thank You to Blue Ribbon Custom Tack for this awesome work. You guys did an amazing job. I love my new spurs.
    Emiely Bingel
  • Cristy Kelly Morris
    I not only LOVE your BEAUTIFUL TACK, but also the devotion you have to the community! You truly are CHAMPIONS!
    Cristy Kelly Morris
  • I've been riding in Blue Ribbon saddles my entire show career. They are not just the best looking and best crafted saddle in the show horse world, they are the best riding saddle there is!
    Charlie Cole
  • Carol Dal Porto
    Love their saddles, great fit and great ride!
    Carol Dal Porto
  • Annge Cooper Daugherty
    Had a saddle made from someone else seat never fit right. Had that person redo it and it was so bad when I got it back I had to sell it. Bought my Blue Ribbon used from a third party and the seat never did quite fit me either so took it to Blue Ribbon while at a show in Scottsdale and as I sat in it Rita’s husband had really listened to me when I was showing him where I was hurting at. So he started wedging with pads till I was not only now sitting properly but PAIN FREE. So he wrote like a whole paragraph on what needed to be done to the seat and what size wedge went where and extend the padding further down the sides which I honestly thought with the tooling wasn't going to look right but I thought was well you sit there if it doesn't look right now one would see it anyway. I get it back... I was nervous let me tell ya... SUPRISE !!! Not only did it look great far as the workmanship but it sat the same as it did when he had all the wedges in place when I was at the shop sitting in it to be fitted to my rear end !!! Oh you don't know how happy I was ! You betcha I kept that paragraph long work tag for that seat so can duplicate it for my next Blue Ribbon Saddle ! Great job BLUE RIBBON and Thank you !
    Annge Cooper Daugherty
  • Anna Barley
    Just received my new BR Saddle. I love it. Thanks for the great service Rita!
    Anna Barley



    February 27 - March 7 Scottsdale, AZ
  • 2021AQHYA Youth World Show

    July 28 - August 8 Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2021NSBA World

    August 12 - August 22 Tulsa, OK
  • 2021All American Quarter Horse Congress

    September 28 – October 24 Columbus, OH
  • 2021AQHA World Show

    November 1 - November 20 Oklahoma City, OK